Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies

Renewable Energy (South Wales)

The heating and energy business in Wales is changing fast, technology is moving away from fossil fuels and closer to renewable energies as we look for more environmentally friendly ways to heat our homes and businesses. All New Build homes will have a requirement to fit electrical or renewable heating and hot water systems from 2025. No more new Gas or Oil-fired boilers!

Ground Source and Air Source heat pumps

Renewable Energies

Both technologies work using the ambient air or ground temperature to generate a heat difference in a fluid, then exchanging that heat using technology that’s effectively the reverse of refrigeration.

Air source pumps are stand-alone installations, while ground source require a bore hole or burying a coil containing the heat exchanging fluid. Both are very quiet and unobtrusive in operation.

It’s been well established for over 80 years, but recent advances in technology means it’s now a seriously viable alternative to conventional heating methods. It offers more efficient energy use over current Gas, Oil, LPG or electric power, when it’s combined with proper insulation, effective and efficient radiators (or underfloor heating) and pipework. When installed and maintained correctly, it’s a very viable fossil fuel replacement, supplying eco-friendly heating, or even an effective, off-grid solution for some isolated properties.

Simply replacing an existing boiler with a heat pump is unlikely to be an efficient swap. Ideally you’ll need to consider the energy efficiency of your property through an EPA (Energy Performance Assessment) available for under £100 locally, in order to assess how efficient your insulation, glazing and general pipework and radiators are. Some or all elements may need updating to take full advantage of this technology.

Some of the benefits of heat pumps are:

  • No more fuel deliveries ever again.
  • Heat Pumps are ‘fit and forget’ technology requiring minimal ongoing maintenance.
  • They’re incredibly efficient.
  • They work effectively in temperatures down to -15°C so can be used throughout the year.
  • Heating/hot water costs are greatly reduced.
  • They can provide a revenue source towards recovering installation costs (through the government’s RHI scheme).
  • Can also be eligible for Green Deal financing mechanism if you meet certain criteria.
  • Dramatically increase comfort levels in the home or workplace.

So whether you want to claim government RHI payments, (while they’re still available) not be reliant on the grid, or just want to do your bit make the world greener, please contact us.

Renewable Heating Maintenance and servicing

In case you already have a renewable energy heating or hot water system in your house we are fully qualified to maintain these appliances for you.

MCS Certification

We’re currently undergoing certification as part of the MCS scheme, a regulatory body governing standards for small scale (Microgeneration) renewable energy installations.

Since 2008, MCS has become the recognised Standard for UK products and their installation in the small-scale renewables sector. The Standards are owned by MCS Charitable Foundation and produced by MCS, following development by independent Technical Working Groups.

This governance model is designed to raise and maintain standards and consumer protection. It is are independent of (but supported by) UK Government. MCS is responsible for the day to day running of the Scheme which has been independent of Government since April 2018.

Renewable heating SERVICES AVAILABLE

Installation, Inspection and Maintenance

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps

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